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A1 A1 stainless steel, strength class 50
A2 A2 stainless steel, strength class 70 and above
A3C yellow zinc A4 stainless steel, strength class 80 and above
zinc zinc 4.6 strength 4.6
hot-dip zinc hot-dip zinc 5.8 strength 5.8
plain 8.8 strength 8.8
blackened, blackened blackened 10.9 strength 10.9
BRASS brass 12.9 strength 12.9
brass plated, brass plated pomosaz pu polyurethane
Cu copper BN Bossard norm
pCu copper-plated DIN DIN Deutsche Institut fuer Normung
Al aluminum ISO International Organization for Standardization
dac Dacromet Czech Standardization ISO Standards


Sequence name

Usually, the first on the name of the place (screw, washer), the second spot size (eg M12x100, M12), 3rd is surface (zinc, plain), on the 4th site strength (5.8, 8.8), then standard (DIN 933, ISO 4017).

Search options

  1. You know the standard
    Example search: M12x100 zinc 933
    after you find eShop offers 2 items and screw in the grades 5.8 and 8.8

  2. You only know the name
    The search without pads without knowing the standard (DIN) use the command:
    Washer M12 Zinc
    Can be used as a shortened version:
    by m12 zinc
    eShop offers a total of 5 items, all of which contain the above-mentioned criteria to search for

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